Become A Manager

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This is Makama Paul Lawi

He used to work as an Uber/bolt driver and was at the mercy of riders.
He got the opportunity to become a manager of one of ProDev Fresh Stores.
He took it.
Now he earns up to 300k, including bonuses, in a month.
Be like Makama Paul Lawi
What it entails:
There are two (2) paths to becoming a Manager at one of our Fresh stores
entails locating a space that is viable and considered a prime location, informing
us and then after the spot is confirmed, secured and commissioned, you begin to
run the store as though it belongs to you. 
You can also apply for the position of Manager as long as you meet the
requirements that you will find listed at the bottom of this page.
All appliances and stock are supplied by the company. You are to handle the day-
to-day activities.
You can earn up to 300k in commissions and bonuses. As a manager, you earn
1.5% on total sales in a month. The more you sell the more you earn. And there
is a 100k bonus for the best performer for the month. What are you waiting for,
this is your opportunity to be your own boss.

Job responsibilities.

• As the chief marketing officer, you will be responsible for driving sales into the stores, promoting the company’s business to restaurants, hotels, and estates in the vicinity of the store.

• You will be required to identify potential customers and acquaint them with the company’s business.

• You would be required to recommend hiring a store representative who will be responsible for processing sales in the store. You are to coordinate sales efforts with your store representative, as the store representative’s performance and productivity will be overseen by you.

• You are to ensure accurate daily sales are posted and product supplies are strictly confirmed and monitored in the store and in the inventory. 

• You are to constantly carry out market surveys of similar products in the marketplace and report to the marketing team.

• You are to establish, develop, and maintain positive business and customer relationships with your customers by providing excellent customer service.

• You will be required to have full knowledge of all products and services, including pricing, source of products, process of sale, and logistics.

• You will be responsible for the handling and preservation of products at the store.

• You will be required to make a daily minimum sales target of N200,000 (two hundred thousand), which will be assessed on a monthly basis.

• You are to provide the management and marketing teams with reports on customer’s needs, problems, interests, and competitive activities, with the option to explore the need to introduce new products and services. 


• Bachelor / HND Degree

• Familiarity with the Agricultural sector (Retail) will be an added advantage

• Excellent customer service and teamwork

• Sales and marketing skills.

• Ability to work with minimum supervision and meet deadlines 

• Good communication and interpersonal skills, coupled with commercial acumen

• Business negotiation skills 

• Strong organizational and coordination skills. 


To apply, fill the form below.

Manager - refers to a person applying to manage a store.
Manager with a store - refers to a person applying to be a manager and also has a store location to propose.