We’re Rewriting the Agricultural Space.

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We are an innovative Agtech organization focused on improving the agricultural industry.

We’re Rewriting the Agricultural Space.

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We’re Rewriting the Agricultural Space.

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ProDev Agri-Invest is an innovative AgTech platform that focuses on integrating the agricultural value chain, creating a seamless transfer of agricultural produce from the farm to your table.  In Nigeria today, the agricultural value chain has been overrun by logistic fails from the point of acquiring to the point of sale incurring loss of produce and inadvertently causing the consumer to bear the brunt of this loss in high consumption prices. At ProDev, we aim to fix this problem one store at a time. At ProDev, we are creating a new value chain. One where demand and supply are in synergy and agricultural produce are attainable at affordable rates and in one place.


We’re Innovators in Agricultural Market

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life and standard of living in the communities we operate in because we believe sustainable agriculture and innovative community development go hand in hand.

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  • Our Agriculture Growth

    For healthy, secure and nutrient-rich food, we depend on agriculture. Our technological growth and Innovations enables us to accomplish more and do it better. This is the focus of prodevagri.

  • Making Healthy Foods

    Food is cultivated to have higher amount of micronutrients and offer necessary vitamins and minerals as a means of regulating the quality of food served at home.

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