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ProDev Agri-Invest is an innovative AgTech platform that focuses on integrating the agricultural value chain, creating a seamless transfer of agricultural produce from the farm to your table.  In Nigeria today, the agricultural value chain has been overrun by logistic fails from the point of acquiring to the point of sale incurring loss of produce and inadvertently causing the consumer to bear the brunt of this loss in high consumption prices. At ProDev, we aim to fix this problem one store at a time. At ProDev, we are creating a new value chain. One where demand and supply are in synergy and agricultural produce are attainable at affordable rates and in one place. Established in 2021, the organization has made giant strides in fulfilling its goals by acquiring external partnerships and investments. ProDev Agri-Invest provides you with a rare opportunity to earn consistently and passively by investing in our subsidiary company ProDev Fresh Stores. ProDev Agri-Invest launched its first fresh food store in 2021 at life-camp Abuja Nigeria and less than 3 years after, can proudly boast of over 40 stores across Abuja alone with more stores coming soon in Abuja as well as Lagos, all born out of partnerships. The idea was conceived from the need for a reinvention of the agricultural market. We needed to bridge the gap and fix the chasm between the farm and consumer and with a vision as clear as day, ProDev Agri-invest is affording individuals and organizations the opportunity to be a part of this experience, this journey to widespread access.  The organization's objective is to have a ProDev Fresh Store at walking distance to every Nigerian and this is where partnership opportunities are rooted.  We would like to invite you to join us on this journey to creating phenomenal history. To explore our investment opportunities

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